Option to generate timestamps on other users' lessons

It was only recently that I discovered that, on any lessons that I upload, instead of painstakingly adding the timestamps for sentence mode manually by playing the audio in a digital audio workstation and copying over the exact timings, there was an option to have LingQ analyse the audio, compare it to the text, and add the timestamps automatically.

I love this function - sentence mode is really useful, especially if I can use it with real human audio (particularly useful in languages like Bulgarian where there is usually no way to tell where the stress falls just by reading the printed word), but I wonder whether the LingQ software wizards would consider making this option available on lessons which other users have uploaded and shared, but not put in their own timestamps for.

If someone has been kind enough to upload a lesson that I find useful, I feel a bit cheeky messaging them and asking them to go to the further trouble of generating timestamps, but on the other hand, it’s quite a faff for me to do it manually in the ‘edit lesson for all users’ window.


Generating time stamps is a function I didn’t know existed on LingQ. How can I generate timestamps for lessons I have imported with audio?

When you upload the text, and then the audio, and go to the ‘clips’ tab, there should be a ‘generate timestamps’ button. But sometimes it doesn’t pop up the first time, and you need to save the lesson again. It also seems to go away if you manually create or delete any of the sentence markers, so if there are splits that you don’t want, or extra ones that you do, you’re quicker to deal with that after you’ve run the auto-generate function (unless I am missing a trick here).

@WinterShaker Since you are Premium member, you do have an option to edit other user’s lessons too, including sentences and time-stamping. If you re-split a lesson you should see the “Clips” tab where you can generate timestamps.

Doesn’t seem to work for me. When I go into edit mode on someone else’s lesson, I just have a ‘Mark end of sentence’ button that moves down the page with me if the lesson is long enough to scroll, plus a ‘save’ and a ‘save and open’ button at the bottom.
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Thanks, you are correct. It’s not possible for now, but we do plan to make some changes there in the near future to make it easier to edit lesson text and time-stamping.

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Keep in mind that, for now, auto time stamping is only available in some languages and not all. And, that your audio should exactly match your text. You do need to save the lesson first before you can see the timestamping button.

Thanks Mark. It’s Brilliant! Worked first time I tried it on a The Chairman’s Bao lesson I had imported.

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