Optimal French layout for US keyboard?

Hello everyone!
I have ANSI keyboard (with no extra key next to the Left Shift). Which French layout I should use? Is there any optimized AZERTY layout for US keyboard?

Use US international layout.

I use Canadian French keyboard because it’s easier to type the accents on. Guess Canadian French had to be useful for something.

I don’t mind learning a new layout (actually I’m willing to).
The question is which layout would be the best for my physical keyboard (ANSI, not ISO).

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Do you find this layout optimal for French?
I mean I better learn a few layouts and switch between them instead of having one universal layout that isn’t really optimized for any language.

Try them and see which one you like. It’s what i did. Usually if i’m writing in English a lot i’ll just keep my keyboard in English and use the shortcuts to type. But i’m on a Mac. So i just press alt+` and then a or u and i get à or ù. alt+e and e is é etc. Easy and quick. Play around with what you have.

I have to type in German. That’s why I use the German layout. It’s fine when I’m at work where the ISO keyboard is.
But my laptop has the ANSI keyboard.
I would also know where and how to find the absent key.

It looks like most of the dead keys are pretty much the same, so you get the benefits while avoiding the annoyance of AZERTY, which isn’t universal in French-speaking countries anyway.