Open next lesson back to back

Is there any difference between “open next lesson” and “open next lesson back to back”?

@steve555 - What is open next lesson back to back?

At the bottom of the lesson page, there are various links: open next lesson in course; open course; open next lesson from; open next lesson back to pack.
Depending on the lesson and course, not all those links appear.
No, problem, I just wondered if I was missing out on some extra functionality.

@Steve555 - Hmm, I’m not sure where you saw this but there isn’t an option to “Open next lesson back to back” on the site. You will be able to view the course or any playlists that the lesson belongs to though.

@Steve555 - What you will see after the open next lesson link are any links to playlists which contain the lesson you are looking at. If one of these playlists is called back to back or back to pack then you will see the link you describe. This is there for the people who are accessing the lesson by way of a playlist so they can move on to the next lesson in the playlist which may not necessarily be in the same course.

Ah, thanks for the clarification.