Open Forum in Polish

Hi there,

Could you please add a new forum: Polskie Otwarte Forum (Open Forum in Polish).


We actually only have open forums for supported languages and Lithuanian due to LingQ having a large number of users in Lithuania. If Polish develops enough learners and tutors and an active community then we can look at adding it as a fully supported language.

But you also have open forums in: Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Swedish and Dutch. I’m not saying that Polish should be fully supported. Okay, sorry for asking. I just wanted to give you a hand with my native language but no worries.

No need to apologize :slight_smile:

I didn’t mean misinterpret what you meant, but rather wanted to mention that a language will only get a dedicated open forum if it becomes supported (or if there are a large number of users who speak that language). If you want to help out that’s great! You can find some additional ways to help out here:

I must admit that I was a bit surprised by your uncompromising refusal. I just thought that you are open to new initiatives, particularly that you already have a beta-support for this language. I also thought that based on my experience in administrating various Polish language forums, I would be able to stimulate a bit the new forum. But now I understand your position and again sorry for bothering you. I don’t want to impose myself and the Polish language of course.

We have to have some point to draw the line at, otherwise we’ll end up with way too many forums. If we add one for Polish because one member requested it, I’m sure we’d have requests for lots of other forums and at that point we wouldn’t really be able to say no. This is why we decided some time ago to only add new forums for supported languages. I hope this helps better explain things!

@djclarke - Why don’t you begin by starting a thread in Polish in the Open Forum? You and we will be able to gauge the interest in a Polish forum a bit better that way.