Open a lesson from a flashcard

I’m not sure if someone has already brought up this issue, but

Is there a way to open a lesson from a flashcard?

I never use the review function on lingq (because I hate flashcard drilling), but from time to time I like to filter my lingqs using tags in order to go through different structure elements that I feel I’ve been struggling with lately.

I then open the flashcard to review that particular element in context but sometimes the context sentence is so long (see picture below) that the “original context” actually becomes useless.

Then I thought it would be nice to be able to click on the sentence and open the lesson from there in order to review that structure by reading and playing with the text once again instead of doing boring flashcard review.

Since there is a way to access the vocabulary page from within a lesson, I don’t see why you apparently can’t open a lesson from vocabulary.

Thank you!

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Thanks for your suggestion and feedback. For now it’s not possible to open a lesson directly from the Flashcard.
What you can do is to use filters on the Vocabulary tab to display only LingQs created in a specific lesson.

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Hi Zoran, thanks for your reply.
I have used the filter by lesson option a number of times, but that’s not what I’m really looking for.
I am not really interested in checking what LingQs I’ve created in a specific lesson, instead I would like to be able to filter LingQs with my personal filters and then be able to see the sentences of those flashcard in context (the lesson).
In my opinion, being able to open a lesson from from the flashcard would be extremely useful in order to get to see the “big picture” of what you’ve lingqed.

Great suggestion, I would like to see that feature, too :slight_smile:

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