Ooops page

Sometimes when I return to a lesson that I’ve already done I get this page. I’m using latest Chrome.
Just in case the link isn’t working, I go to my lessons, click on a lesson and a page pops up that says, “Oops! It looks like you don’t have access to that page”, below that it has a link that says, " return to Lingq".
I have basic account.

@swampy49 - Thanks for pointing this issue out. What happened here is that the lesson was available at the time but has since been removed from the Library. Instead of showing an Oops page, it should probably state that the lesson is no longer available. I’ll add this to the list.

Since yesterday I haven’t able to use the button “Respond” in my Timeline, I get an Oops page; the same happens if I try to use directly the link I got in the email message:

or this:

In previous messages I get a normal page.


@mfr - I wonder if these posts were deleted – I think that is probably what happened here. :slight_smile: