Only Three (3) LingQs for 31 October

Today I went on Vocab and only found three links for the day and when I open them up it said no lingQs to test. I am active everyday in vocab and on LingQ. Is this normal/posible to have only three lingQs for the day? Currently I am working a private polish import lesson that I created and it still have over 50 LingQ’s for review…Mmmm? any help is greatly apprecited…Dziekuje bardzo…

Same thing for today 1 Nov 2015…only three links to be found in SRS…could this be a result of when Vocab was done a week or so ago?

Hi Bstodnick,
We are sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your Daily LingQs! Can you please take a look at your “Due for Review (SRS)” list on the Vocabulary Page and let us know how much terms you have on that list?

Still just showing 1 Nov as last date in Due for Review (SRS)

OK just checked again and I am now showing 31 words for due for review in SRS for 3 Nov. I do not see anything for 2 Nov and if that is lost I am OK with that. I am still hooked on LingQ…but do you know why this happening lately? not need long tech answer…just a liuttle curious…

@Bstodnick, we’re doing a few improvements and upgrades to improve the site performance, speed, features etc… So occasionally bugs come up with this process, we do try and fix them as soon as possible.
Thanks for your patience and letting us know.

I am good today for 5 Nov as well as yesterday 4 Nov…so I think we are back on track…thanks for the help…

7 Nov: Only had four LingQ’s today…is this normal? seemed I always had 25 for a new day…I consider myself very active on LINgQ and import a a lesson every week or so and then work that lesson. Also after only four days or so it shows noLingQs…in my current situaton after like 3 Nov it shows No LingQ’s to review when I klick on 3 Nov and any date before 3 Nov. I feel that my SRS system is not working properly…is it me?
How exactly does the SRS system work? I do not need “tech” answer, but is it random? based on most recent lessons? or a combination of both? I currently have 4039 known Polish words…would they not come up for review? as long as I only select a number 4 rating?
Again…I love using LingQ, but just want to mazimize the potential of it.


8 Nov: SRS shows 3 LingQ’s to test…but then when I open it…it states No LingQs to test…Help…

Hi Bstodnick,
Would you please give us permission to log into your account to check what could be wrong? If you agree please email us with your login info on support (at)

I went on today 10 Nov and yesterday 9 Nov and I am abck up to 25 LingQ’s in SRS file…so it looks like I am good to go…let me hold up on password idea. Hopefully it is working now.