Only one lesson loads when importing a book, what is wrong?

Only one lesson loads when importing a book, what is wrong?

Same here. The one I loaded yesterday has still only loaded through the table of contents and it shows “Part 1” in my lesson.

Yeah just tested again and waited 1.5 hours still 1 lesson.

Ahhh, this is awful :frowning: I’d have to read a book without lingq for some time, I guess. That’s a pity indeed

Can you guys please check again now and let me know if additional parts appeared? If not, please email us and send us course URL. Thanks!

I tried again and still the same problem. I emailed you the file. Thanks!

It finally worked for me! I’ve encountered another problem with editing though, so I sent the email anyway. Please check it, it’s in a reply to “Thank you for contacting LingQ Support!”

By the way, I’ve just noticed that we joined lingq at the exactly same time :slight_smile: It’s the 25th of April, 2020 for me and the 30th for you. That’s curious!

Haha very interesting indeed. How have the language learning gains been since signing up?

I would say it’s been rather significant. At first I only read and listened to youtube vids and similar content on lingq, lots of things that was hard to understand, but I was trying. The real progress began when I decided to read books on Lingq, I chose the Harry Potter series for my first foreign literature :slight_smile: It was awesome, but also still hard. Anyway, I think it’s worth it, I’ve read lots of books since then and have learned so many words. Great experience! The only problem is my laziness sometimes haha, I used to read much more than I do now. How have you been doing on lingq? I see you’re learning Spanish and Korean. Yo se un poquito de espanol tambien :smiley:

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haha yeah spanish is going good and for korean im taking it real slow and learning some 漢字 on the side (outside of lingq) (chinese characters) and will hopback on lingq with korean in like 2ish years but yeah lingq is awesome and progress is good. You like harry potter? about to read in spanish soon ive been delaying it cause ive been watching these shows that are really good. Also its awesome that you are learning english on lingq the forums must be a playground since they are all in english haha.

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I’m still having the same problem. I just tried again. I sent the file to Admin yesterday.

Yeahh, I know some hanzi too, chinese characters, I don’t know what do you call it in korean, but it’s the same word basically. I did like Harry Potter, I think narration is just awesome, it might have some major plotholes, but the journey itself was great, so read it. Forums can help a bit, because generally I don’t write often, only sometimes to a friend, so it is a training ground for me to write bigger texts :slight_smile: What’s your approach to learning Spanish though? I really want to know this language and start learning it in earnest in the future ) What your start into this language was like?

It seems to start working randomly, I had to wait a whole day to try and find out that it had finally worked.

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I did this like michelle thomas course for like 6 months on youtube called spanish with paul and then after that I just hopped on lingq and read shows, language learner lessons, and books for kids etc korean is a mess compared to spanish (no free words etc). Oh wait I forgot your not a native english speaker but the higher level you get in english the more “free words” you will get in spanish like most adverbs add -mente and -tion words become -cion but most of these words come later and are more educated/fancy terms etc.

Hey! I couldn’t reply on the last comment, but I’ll just write on the one above. This course sounds interesting, how much can you learn using it for six months? Yeahh, I totally get what you mean about the “free words”, I’ve studied romance languages, not as much as you with spanish, but I know that english shares lots of words of latin and french origin with these languages. So yeah, words like obviamente and simplemente do not take much effort to learn. As I’ve studied a bit of chinese, lack of free words is veryyy noticeable. Spending like a week in french was much more productive than a whole month or two of mandarin. That’s why I like Romance Languages, It’s usually easy to get into and a lot of words similar to English. By the way, it’s interesting how latin/french words in English viewed as fancy ones and germanic not, but in Spanish or French the same vocab is just words, not formal or fancy at all. Like “regarde” in french is just “watch”, but in english it’s like looking at something in a certain way, often with some kind of personal opinion attached to it. Love this stuff :slight_smile:

The course has a paid version which i paid for back when i didnt study any languages but you can get pretty much all you need on youtube its called “spanish with paul” where he just runs you through read and replace or speaking drills and I thought it was fun. But some think its boring you can give it a shot, and yeah spanish has definitely helped my english there are words that people never say but are just normal words in spanish. You have studied chinese and french? Quite the language learner haha and Kazakhstan is the country I see on your posts so you natively speak russian and Kazak? Yeah romance languages are fun haha. Did you like the character aspect of chinese? In korean nobody uses the characters except like the common 200 anymore so I have to go out of my way to find uses for them (I love them) they are like roots but technically one doesn’t have to know how they look just how they are read. I want to be able to read mixed script korean which needs around the 2k japanese leaners need. Have you just studied english, french, spanish, and chinese? This is quite the arsenal lol me with just my spanish and korean I feel overwhelmed. There are just so many different ways to say everything.

I do live in Kazakhstan, unfortunately I don’t speak the language, I wish I could. I could’ve become a native speaker, I was picking up Kazakh when i was in kindergarten, it didn’t last long obviously and kids easily forget new languages. My friend is kazakh, though, so she teaches me a bit of it sometimes. Mostly I learn it myself when I’m in the mood, but you can imagine there aren’t many great resources for learning the language so it’s hard :slight_smile: But yeah, russian is my native language, that’s for sure. I’ve “studied” a bunch of languages, including also portuguese, ukrainian and kazakh of course. Those are the ones that I’m really interested in, but I wouldn’t call myself a big learner haha, I’m only proficient in English and any other language is very basic knowledge. It’s hard to commit to learning other languages in earnest, that’s a lot of time and effort! I’m at a stage of passive learning of english, so just chilling, mostly books and audio to accompany the reading. I like the characters, especially if i know what they mean and what they sound like haha. There are many of them, hard to know even the most useful ones (it’s like 3000 i think). At least all of chinese is just characters and korean uses a small fraction of it, imagine how it is for japanese learners, they have to learn hecking three alphabets! Hiragana, Katakana AND Kanji, chinese characters. That’s what I call commitment and effort! Never learned japanese, but It’s hard. Korean alphabet seems really easy and you always know how it’s pronounced, which is a plus. but grammar is hard, right? I wish i could call it an arsenal, but it’s just random knowledge :slight_smile: It would be great making it solid though. I agree about the different ways of expressing the same thought through another languages, you have to really know the structure well. Just look at Kazakh for example, I love its grammar, but it’s so different from the languages we are used to, it’s not even indo-european, it’s turkic, so everything is completely different and it’s kind of a barrier. Oh, almost forgot! What got you into these amazing languages? Everybody seems to have some kind of a story why they like it and stuff :smiley:

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That course and the fact I live in america I am like cool I should learn spanish and korean was partly because it was hard (i wanted to see how hard the hard languages are) but I like the way hangul looks which is important since i will need 20m words read to be at a good level haha then i found korean has like a stupid amount of dramas of all kinds so thats a cool thing as i improve and more recently I love the characters which most people just learn to expand their vocab and learn words easier but yeah I want to get into the 3k character range in hanja (im only at 1k rn) but it will happen slowly. I just like the aspect of slowly stacking up progress (kind of like an MMO type thing) (in language learning) also the fact one can communicate with other people blew my mind because when one is self studying it feels like some weird code, isolated and disconnected, but when one runs into natives or bilinguals it is honestly like the coolest thing haha. Also once i reached a point where i could understand “a lot” in spanish of tv shows i’ve seen in english that was like the yeah im sold for life moment. I wish they didn’t take so long or I would grab more haha. I wish I had cooler stories for why korean and spanish haha. Russian is a good native language to have its hard/widely spoken and is sounds cool haha.

It’s working for me now. It might have been me the whole time. Thanks to Zoran for his patience!

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