Only a part of certain words captured in blue in new lesson

I noticed that in my most recent French lesson some words are shown only partially in blue:

fourniRONT (only ront) in blue,

I already marked the ’ s’AC and MENT’ as ignore, as I did with one or two more.

I am using FF

Another word with the partially-blue treatment is


Hi Sanne,

Can you email the Share URL of this lesson (found at the bottom of the page) to LingQ Support? We’d like to take a look and see if we can find out what might be going on.

This appears to be an issue with the formatting of the original lesson text. Looking at it on our backup server, the problem has existed for quite some time. However, simply opening the Edit Lesson page and saving it usually gets rid of the strange formatting. If you come across the same thing in the future, remember to just click the pencil then scroll right now to the bottom and click “Save & Open” and it should fix it.

Thank you! Serge will be pleased, no doubt.