Only 16 lessons on a shelf in the library

Now there are only 16 lessons shown on a shelve of the library. I can use “forward” and then I see only one other lesson. Last week there were 4 or 5 pages on every shelve. That was more convenient.

Has anyone else the same problem?

Vera, I have been busy in Korean where we do not have much content.

But I opened up my Russian library to check up on your observation and you are right! Something is strange. All the lessons are not showing up. I will alert Mark (who is on holidays but checking his computer during the day).

It is also the case in the English library. There are only 16 lessons in each section.

But I don’t mind. I stopped using the library a long time ago.

It is my voting with my feet.

Sorry Vera, there is a bug in the Library. We’re working on it.

Bug or not, the library function has improved vastly; the content is always developing. I sometimes wish I were learning English or German so that I’d have an excuse for spending time on those lessons. @ Yutaka: How have your sensibilities been offended, as Miss Austen might have said? This time I don’t understand: what you are protesting about, unless you are simply practising your English again.

Although I am always practicing writing in English, there are at least two reasons:
First, If I find a book interesting, I might want to recommend it to other people, but I don’t like to be misunderstood while I am still reading. For example, I like reading autobiographies, and I might want to read Sarah Palin’s one–I don’ know if she has written an autobiography or something–, but I don’t want to be seen as a supporter of her ideology, although I don’t know much about her political ideology. This kind of feelings will explain my voting with my feet, that is, why I stopped using the LingQ library.
Second, I simply prefer to buy real books. I might belong to endangered species.

I am sorry that I am very sensitive and fragile. I might be the Nobita of this world.

this kind of feelings → this kind of feeling
endangered species → an endangered species

No, you don’t belong to an endangered species, there are still many of us around. I even like dictionaries (I hope Steve doesn’t read this: he is liable to feel faint at hearing such an admission), big, fat, heavy, expensive dictionaries! As to being judged by others on what we read: I believe it quite important to read widely, otherwise how could we form an opinion?

Thank you, SanneT.

This issue has been resolved. You should once again be able to see 60 lessons on each shelf. Sorry about that.