Online Meetups for speaking French or Spanisch


I am currently learning Spanish and French and the thing I am struggeling most with is actually speaking and practising speaking. I would like to know if anyone can recommend good group hangout meetings where people just have conversations about anything. I looked here in the tutor section but could not find anything really.

Best regards :slight_smile:

I regularly practice French and Portuguese here:

It’s fun and the level in the intermediate/advanced practice groups tends to be high. Most French learners have already been living in France for a few years. But there are also beginner/intermediate groups for those who feel less secure about their speaking skills.
SpeakMeeters is French, so there are a lot of French groups. There are also two Spanish groups per week at the moment. The other languages available at the moment are English, Portuguese, and Mandarin. It’s not free, but not very expensive either. Especially if you join several groups, since you pay a monthly fee to join as many groups as you can and manage to find a free spot. You can join groups for free if you offer to lead a group yourself, I believe.