One year at LingQ

I have been a member of LingQ for one year now. Have I improved my English?
Yes I have, although I feel I can still do more. It is up to me, though, not to LingQ. I still believe LingQ is one of the best places for language learning.

During this period about 10400 words have been tallied as my known words (It would be nice to get comparable figures from other members).

Well, I have not always been active enough. I think I am an average learner , even though I am learning only one language. At least I visit the site almost every day , even if I don’t LingQ the words. Together with the great possibilities of learning, this great community is the reason that makes me click “login” often many times a day. All in all, I am happy to be a member of this community. Thanks to the founders, to the people who maintain the webpage, to the tutors and to all the members.

Thank you Jurgen for your kind words and for being part of our German team at LingQ! It’s the contributions of members like you in all areas of the site including forums, translation and activity on the site that help make LingQ what it is. I wish you continued success in your English and any other languages you decide to pick up and hope to see a similar post after the next year! :slight_smile:

I have been a memeber for shroter time but I can see a lot of impromevent. I am not afraid to speak now, eventhough I know that I am making mistakes. This is such a wonderful feeling to be able to communicate in another language.
Big thank you for all people who support this site for all tutors, administrators and active members.

I agree with Jürgen. Thank to all the people which help to improve LingQ. Thank to the providers, the tutors and the members.

I have been also a member for one year, like Jürgen. Maybe we started at the same time?

I have improved a lot. Especially to fill the gap between a Beginner and an Advanced is LingQ really great. For example, I enjoy very much the number of unknown words feature. So I can choose always material which have the correct level.

I started not by scratch. I’ve learned English at school, but I didn’t spoke English for 30 years.

Now I have about 8700 known words at LingQ. I think the number of words that I really know is more, because I listen to a lot of content without studying at LingQ. I think the number of known words could not be the only measurement for the knowledge of a user. It depends on the ways the language use is trained. To become fluent it is necessary to speak. I know there are people with a very high number of known words but they are not able to speak or write, because they do not train this regularly. Speaking and Writing is very important in my opinion to become fluent, which is my goal in English.

I started a second language, and I do a lot of work to improve the German library. Therefore I have often the feeling to do not enough in English.

Thank you both Vera and Junair for your active participation at LingQ. You are both active on the Forum which is appreciated and Vera especially has helped to give us an amazing German library.

Eventually you have to speak (and writing is also powerful) to become truly fluent, but you can build up towards fluency using LingQ. It is often more difficult to find opportunities to speak. If you have a lot of words you will be more confident speaking…and in speaking confidence is often the key factor.