One week past and no reply for my writing

Hello. I submitted my writing a week ago. Very short, though! I haven’t got any replies so far. Something wrong on the way or the tutor missed mine? Could you check that?


@kenosaka - That is too bad. Sorry about that. You should really change your corrector if it’s taking more than a day or two to come back. Just click to re-open your writing and choose a new corrector.

Hi Mark,
I haven’t got a correction yet either. I submitted my writing TEN days ago. I’m expecting to get the correction soon.

Ususally you should get your writing corrected within 2 days. Have you tried to contact the tutor? Maybe he/she is absent and forgot to change the settings. You can change the tutor to get it corrected.

@wanko - Yes, as Vera says, if you haven’t got your correction back within two days, you should change your corrector. To do so just click on that submission in your Write list.

@wanko - I just noticed that the correction was already started, so you won’t be able to change the corrector. However, I’ve now messaged the tutor, so they should have it back to you shortly. Sorry about that!