One solution for obtaining audio for lessons imported into LingQ

I’m studying Portuguese on LingQ and every day like to import articles from sources like BBC Brasil and other news sites. Unfortunately this does not give me the spoken text of the article.

For anyone using LingQ on an iPad or an iPhone I’ve found a way to add that text to my study routine. Here’s what I do:

  1. Import article to the LingQ app on my iPad.
  2. Import that same article to the Voice Dream Reader app on my iPad.
  3. Study the article on LingQ
  4. Read the article again on Voice Dream Reader and listen as it is read to me.

Voice Dream Reader will read to you in many languages. The voices are quite good and you can listen to them before purchasing them as one-time in-app purchases. Or you can use the built-in IOS voices at no charge.

For Portuguese there are voices for both European and Brazilian Portuguese. Voice Dream Reader will, of course, also read to you in English. I especially like using it for articles from Pocket. It is a modest initial investment, but I’m finding it very useful. I hope this info helps someone else out there who does a lot of importing into LingQ.

This “Voice Dream Reader” is pretty expensive. But I see that there are other voice readers in the app store. Did you try them?

No, I haven’t, but if you find a less expensive one that you like, please review it here. I liked the wide variety of “voices” available on VDR so when I start learning additional languages, I won’t need to buy another app.

This is terrible for a paid service. Text to Speech on mac is the same and free, and also comes in dozens of languages. I have mine configured to read anything i highlight if i just press alt+1. Easy, free.

I like to listen to the lessons as if they were podcasts rather than having to highlight the desired text and I think the voices, at least in Portuguese, are much better than the IOS ones. It’s not a paid service. Just a one-time app purchase. If your approach works well for you, however, that’s all that matters.