One on one discussions

I rpogrammed some one-on-one discussions (in French) in the tutor section. When I take a look in the discussions list, I can’t see my profile with the schedule. Is it normal?

Hi Serge,
We can’t see the schedule of our own one on one discussions, but the others can. I can see your one on one discussions on the list, but not mine :slight_smile:

Hi Marianne,
Thank you Marianne, but don’t you think it’s weird and inconvenient?

I think it’s a nuisance. Fortunately I got my daughter to join LingQ and I know her password, so I can see my one-on-one times through her login.

It is indeed weird and a nuisance and I have no idea why Mike programmed it that way but we are stuck with it, and a few other inconveniences here and there, for now. Our priority is to make things better for the learners, so the tutors will have to wait for now. Your patience is appreciated.

I do think it’s inconvenient but I also know that we have to wait since there are priorities…