One in four tourists in South America are kidnapped

One in four tourists in South America “are” kidnapped.
In this sentence, should I use the be verb “is” or “are”?
Thank you!!

Sorry, but, as a South American, I find this phrase very offensive. Why are you using such an unfair statement to ask a grammar question?.


One in four tourists are kidnapped is correct. Since you are talking about tourists (plural), ‘are’ rather than ‘is’ should be used.

If you used ‘is’ the sentence would be something like; One tourist is kidnapped every week in Wakanda.

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I’m very sorry, I just saw this line in the movie. I didn’t mean to make this sentence to make you angry.


Thank you. So “one of my friends is rich”, “one in four locals are old people”.

How high do you think the actual figures are? I mean, I want to travel through Latin America someday but I have to admit that I am actually a little scared…

I have lived in south america all my life, and have not even once been robbed. I guess it also depends on where are you going to.

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Yeah, I guess Perú is one of the safest South American countries.
Probably if one does an extensive web search before traveling as to what to do and what not to do and where to go and where not to go, one should be safe. Especially if one knows Spanish.

Yes, exactly.

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This claim sounds very unlikely to me. I’d like to go to Bolivia and Peru myself. Not that I know, but you’ll probably sooner be infected with malaria or yellow fever than kidnapped. Of course I wouldn’t go to Columbia or Mexico before checking safety guidelines but one in four sounds extremely unlikely.

Snatched | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX - YouTube this should clear it up for you. It’s a quote from an Amy Schuler “COMEDY” from 0.45 seconds of the clip

Ok, no problems. Apology accepted.

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Look, Smalde, it’s true Latin America is quite violent - especially if you compare it with European levels of violence. I’ve lived almost all my life in São Paulo and I’ve been robbed three or four times, but I NEVER met someone who has been kidnapped and all times I’ve been robbed I was doing things tourists should never imagine trying here, like go back home alone by foot at 3 o’clock in the morning living in a not so good neighbourhood, for example.

I lived for some mouths in Buenos Aires and the situation was more and like the same. In 4 months, I’ve been robbed once (although, this time wasn’t my fault because the robbers entered at the middle of the day in the hostel I used to work) and two of my friends too, but I never heard about anyone being kidnapped.

So, if you want to come here, don’t be afraid. It’s not so dangerous if you just go to the right places and of course touristic zones are much much more safer (well, Rio de Janeiro right now could be a different story but just because they’re having an extremely serious economic problem which doesn’t allow him to even pay the police accordingly (right now, the army is policing the streets, so you can imagine how complicated the situation is).

Do you think a tourist who was kidnapped in Sao Paolo would stay there so you could meet them? a) they’re a tourist- they have a home to go to. b) they were kidnapped - they don’t want to hang around! I have no problem with going to South America, London is a very violent place, but your reasoning defies logic! Also your profile contains an error exactly in line with the original question: “available to help anyone who studies my native language (portuguese) or are *IS interested in”

When I said I never met someone who has been kidnapped I was obviously talking about Brazilians. Or to your logic is also absurd to assume that kidnapping isn’t common in your city because you never find anyone who has been kidnapped?

Anyway, thanks for the English correction.

It says that in the first six months of 2016 we had 14 cases in an area where 44 million people live. Is it enough to you?

i already did my research, when all you could think of was complaining, the post is about tourists and is/are both of which you missed Genius!

Thank you for the information Marcos! :smiley:

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Do you have any friends?

De nada!