One Click import

I’ve just found “one click import” feature. It’s so COOL. I usually read English text in different website such as VOA or New York time. Many time I’m just interested in an article and just want to read it one time, don’t intent to save it to my lesson list. In order to create the lesson has to many process. Honestly, I’m lazy to click on import lesson and do the whole import things done. “One Click Import” feature make my learning time more enjoyable and faster. If I think the article might benefit to others I will make it done and share it later. Thanks for the cool feature. I hope there will be more and more surprise feature in the future.

Mark Wang.

Yes, the tool is wonderful. Just be sure that you do not share anything which is under copyright! It could be very expensive for you.

I’m glad you like the Import Bookmarklet! We’ll try to keep coming up with cool stuff.