On the Road: Another Adventure in the Russian language

It is so good to experience one of those “Aha!” moments.

While reading lesson 16 of Russian From Zero, which explains the difference between
going on foot and going by transport, the penny finally dropped.

В парк я иду пешком, а в университет я еду на машине.

Of course, as Steve said in a recent tip, I will forget everything!

Also, I have been calling my wife “my road” until she wrote out the difference between “road” and “dear”. Or as I like to say, my expensive wife! And, of course, where to place the emphasis. Моя дорога or Моя дорогая жена.

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Yes, we have some funny similarities!..
But there are even more difficult for foreigners coincidences in English: sea-see, where -were, I- eye, hear-here etc.
They are different words that sound the same!

You can look at Сайт Анны Стрелковской (for those who learn Russian) - Глаголы движения , there are some videos about Russian verbs of motion.
Actually I’m going to upload those videos to LingQ when I have time :slight_smile:

Thank you, Anna. Very nice videos.

What about, though, enough, bough, tough, cough, rough, dough, thorough. Easy-peasy for a two year old (of English!).

Рада, что вам понравилось!

вчера (yesterday) - вечером (in the evening) - вчерА вЕчером :slight_smile:

Exactly.But I think I have nailed those two down. I don’t think I have been guilty of saying Добрый вчера instead of Добрый вечер! At least, not yet!