On my cell phone or in my cell phone

There are many apps on my cell phone.
There are many apps in my cell phone.
I’m not sure which preposition I should use in this kind of situation.

Thank you!!

Both off those look the samee… however ‘There are many apps on my cellphone’ is correct … ie. “i have 100s of apps on my Cellphone” - However, it’s worth saying that ‘Cellphone’ is a very American word, rather than English word . In England we use ‘Mobile Phone’… good luck with your learning!

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This is completely unrelated to your question, but…

I don’t know if you’ve heard this song before, but I just thought you might enjoy it (especially for the lyrics):

Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon

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Hi! As stated above, “on” would be the most often used preposition in this case. However, occasionally you will here “in” used in specific situations, like “I have his number in my cell phone” (but you could use “on” in this instance as well. Just showing you that you may hear/read both used, depending on the person/situation) - be well!

Thank you for sharing the song with me, brucenator.