[On Hold: Potential Rooster Hotkeys Bug; See Edit] Unable to Type Into the Edit Sentence Field | Web Browser

Edit: This may be something else. I’ll move it out of the Support & Feedback Forum for now to avoid confusion in case this is something else. See the below comment by roosterburton.

I’ve encountered—in several private lessons—where I delete part of the sentence and then try to type an edit into the sentence text field, but the text I’m typing into the text field doesn’t appear.

The cursor “line mark” sits there, but no text comes out that matches what I’m typing:

What does work is if I type into an outside source and then paste it into the text field.

For some reason, that seems to work. And I’m reverting to that method when I run into problems.

Note: I can’t remember if this was from a Firefox or Chrome browser, as I use both equally. I’ll update this topic if I figure it out.

I just wanted to give the heads up, and hopefully, y’all can look into it.


*Note: Edited to fix typo


I actually think this is a bug within Hotkeys on MasterLingQ Premium. The scope on the keys is extending just the reader page preventing inputs.

Edit: I actually patched that editor page bug some time ago, this bug would just be on the edit sentence menu of the Reader page. I’ll have a look at a fix for this shortly.

2nd Edit: Bug has been fixed in Master LingQ 1.50

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