On changing the number of points you have already awarded

On changing the number of points you have already awarded.

I have found that you cannot decrease the number of awarded points, but you can increase the number by just clicking the button again. The new number will be automatically “added” to the last number at least on this page, although you are supposed to “reset” the number in another box: “Choose Correction Option.” I sense a kind of inconsistency here. You cannot understand how the system works beforehand.

@Yutaka - How it works is that you can adjust the number of points as you like before any responses are submitted. However, once someone submits a response you cannot reduce the point value below what it was when they responded. This is to prevent members from putting a high point award, receiving responses, then changing it to a lower value after the responses have already come in. Hopefully this makes sense!

I tried to change the distribution; some corrections are less correct. As there was no warning, I awarded extra points to a corrector unintentionally. I understand that “changing it to a lower value” is not possible.

I hope I have learned something.

@Yutaka - Did the “Cancel” link at the bottom of that popup not work for you?

“Award points” means to award “extra” points to a particular corrector. “Cancel” in that popup means to cancel adding points in that circumstance.
I failed to cancel, and the result was what I did not expect.

@Yutaka - Ah, I see. Is there a way that this might be more clear to you?