Old vocabulary page is broken

On page Login - LingQ something is wrong with layout.
It works well few days ago.

Please clear the cache and give it another try. Can I ask why are you still using old Vocabulary page?

Now it works, thank you very much!

I really like the way flashcards work on this page:

  • they repeat the word until you mark it as correct twice without a mistake,
  • they downgrade your “knowledge level” once you do two mistakes in a row.
  • they work with all 50 words I have in a list at once (so randomness is sufficient).
    I did not find a way to emulate this behaviour, using the new vocabulary (did not try hard, though).
    Is there such a way?
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All that is actually available in new vocabulary page too. :slight_smile:

How can I achieve it?

Today I cannot even find a way to see the list for any particular day in the new interface.
List in “Due to Review” is way too long.

Ah, found it in the filters.

But did not find a way to setup “review” in a way I want.
I can limit review by flashcards, but did not find a way to repeat the words, until I learn them.