Ola, would any portuguese person like to help me practise my portuguese?

I would be happy to help with english too.
I am only a beginner, only know basic phrases and words, but I need to progress :slight_smile:

There are few Portuguese people around here. But this is not very important for now. Because your main goal is not to learn the portuguese pronunciation, but the basic rules and how the language works. Tell me in portuguese what are you going to do in Porto? How long will you be there?

Hi, i can help anyone with Portuguese. I’m a native speaker and i’d like to be a correct tutor.

Hi I’m from Brasil, and I can help with Portuguse too. My English is not perfect, but If anyone who is seeing this forum would like some help, just tell me!

Hi, I can help with Portuguese too! My skype is isabella.bertolli if someone wants to add me to talk in Portuguese :slight_smile:

I’m Lucas from São Paulo /Brazil

I can help you with portuguese and I can speak english with you too.