OK, Now what?

So I’ve signed on to several courses. One of them has about 140 lessons. I have finished 20 or so. Now when I return to LingQ, I list my lessons, I see an overwhelming number, so I choose courses, to just look at Vera"s course of 140. But I get all 140. I have 20 or so indicating that I have read the lesson. I want to proceed to the “next” lesson in the series, but this is difficult to identify.
So I think about archiving or deleting the lessons off the list. Well, all but 5 have been read on the first page listing, so I head to the top of the form to select all. I want to select all of these on the page and then remove the check of the few at the bottom. Hmmmm. Please tell me there is a select all… You don’t expect me to delete each one by one, do you?
There is so little that is intuitive about this site.

In the menue “tasks” you can open the last lesson you’ve worked on. At the bottom of the lesson is a link to the next lesson. This is very useful if you want to work on one course lesson by lesson. I hope this helps.

Have you tried changing the search filters? In My Lessons View there is “recently opened”, “date added”, etc. That should help a bit. And then, once you’ve identified the first lesson out of the 140, you can use Vera’s suggestion to open the next one. (Or, to simplify matters even more, you could ask her nicely to tell you which one was the first…)

@pegasusdba - As SanneT pointed out, there are search filters on this page that can help you filter out lessons that you have already studied. Just click on “Show more filters” on the left, then switch the filters so “Taken” is not checked and “New” is checked. This will allow you to see all the lessons in this course that you haven’t yet studied.

If you’re looking to archive or delete lessons, I recommend switching to List view, as it will make it a bit easier to do this quickly.

At the bottom of each lesson under “What’s next” there should be a link to the next lesson in the course. You can just click that to proceed to the next one.

I really don’t like being a complainer. … but, I’m looking at the various courses I’ve joined and there are some that I either don’t want, or am done with. So, looking for a way to delete them, I’m sitting on the My Lessons page and see that I have 4 pages of lessons. OK, I should thin this and just focus on one or two courses, right?
So I click the radio button at left to list by courses. Oh, good. I see I have 8 courses. One of these is Vera’s Simple Dialogs of 6 lessons. When I click the option drop down at right, it just does the self-promotional thing. Not nice or useful to me. How do I unsubscribe or delete this course? It should be in this dropdown.
If I click the course, I am presented with the 6 lessons of the course. This time the drop down has a delete feature, but it doesn’t appear to work. I click delete, then OK, but it’s still there, even after a page refresh.

Alex, will these courses, once subscribed, continue to haunt me during the rest of my life on Lingq? I am using list view and filtering to just those taken limits the view. But they won’t delete. The Archive box has no effect. I’m using Firefox.

@pegasusdba - It’s totally up to you how you organize and study your lessons on LingQ. Some users just open a lesson, study it, move on to a new lesson, study that, etc. Other users will prefer to study a few lessons multiple times in order to focus on the finer points.

As you study lessons, more and more lessons will appear in the My Lessons section. The most recently opened lessons will appear at the top by default, so you’ll be able to access recently opened lessons fairly quickly from the My Lessons page or by using the Tasks dropdown at the top.

I recommend archiving any lessons you’ve finished studying, as this will help keep the My Lessons section free of old lessons.

Regarding your report of archiving/deleting lessons not working, it sounds like there might be an issue there. Which version of Firefox are you using? Also, which view do you have it set to, List View, or Column View?

Hi Alex,
I see that some users may want to review old lessons, but I wish to remove some completely at some point.
My Firefox version should be the latest, 19.0
I’ve tried list and column view and get no action upon delete.

@pegasusdba - I tested this on Firefox 19 in Windows and OSX but it seems to work properly on both. When I select “Delete lesson” from the dropdown menu, a confirmation popup appears. When I click “OK” on this, the popup closes and the lesson disappears from the page.

Is anyone else having issues deleting lessons from the My Lessons section?

I’ve tried this again, and as you just described, both in list and column view, the popup box appears and I confirm by clicking Yes. When I first tried this, this evening, I got 2 of them to disappear, so I thought any glitch was past. But, now I do the same thing and no deletion. After clicking Yes, the item is still there. Refreshing the page has no effect. I’m using Win7-64 bit. I’m going to try IE9…

Hi Alex, I did a search for “simple dialogues” when displaying My Lessons and this returned the 6 lessons, so that makes it easier to see what’s happening, or not happening. So I’m viewing 2 column, My Lessons, Lessons radio button, and filtered on Taken.

No better when using IE9 to delete. I even tried to archive one of the six and refreshing the page shows it still there.
While this lesson-by-lesson deletion should work, a necessary solution would include a delete feature when viewing My Lessons and then selecting Courses. Imagine the poor soul that added a course or two by mistake and now has to do all this filtering just to find out their next lesson… Right now, at the course level, all there is is Social Network buttons.

Thanks for looking into this. I really want to make full use of this program, but I have to be organized and this isn’t helping.

@pegasusdba - Ah, I understand what you mean now. In fact, while these lessons won’t appear in the main My Lessons section, if you do a search or view a course it may show older cached data. The search database is updated a couple of times a day, so any lessons you delete should be gone within 24 hours. Updating the search server is a fairly resource intensive process, so we’ve limited it to this amount in order to prevent unnecessary load on the servers.

Regarding deleting an entire course, that is something we will add to our list!