Offline use of the APP problems

Hello, I am currently using Lingq on IOS. I am having trouble when using the app offline. As soon as a open the app and click a download lesson to listen to and review the app suddenly closes. This happens each time. I hope to get this fixed very soon because the app is mostly used by me while offline and want to start using it much more often offline as soon as the problem gets solved. Thanks!

You can only download a lesson when online. Once you have downloaded the lesson, you can listen to the text also when you are offline.

That’s correct, as @benscheelings said, you are not able to load lessons while you are offline and you will need internet connection for that. After the lessons are loaded, you can review them later while you’re offline.

Same problem: The app opens, I can select a lesson (previously added), it opens the text and then crashes after a few seconds.

Note: this is texts that have been reviewed previously, and they open while offline, so it’s clear they are already downloaded.