Official Japanese content search thread: Look for or share Japanese import resources here!

Hey guys. I’m having trouble finding good Japanese resources for lingqing. I thought we could share any resources here in a thread for people looking. So if you have any good, go to resources. Share them here!

I’m really looking for some good audio resources with transcripts. Hard to come by, despite the abundance of talk radio and podcasts. I also have terrible difficulty navigating the internet in Japanese to search for transcripts. So any help would be appreciated.

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I have the transcripts for several episodes of the Japanese sitcom “the Japanese the Japanese don’t know”, which is on youtube. - YouTube. I’ll attach them here if anyone is interested.

I like this show but it is way too high for me for now.
Anything for something shorter like the “I found this phone, my manager is my slave” prank serie ? has subtitles for anime series and movies. Nothing for Kimi no na wa yet. I read the dvd and bluray come with no japanese subtitles and both have lyrics, including romaji and translation.

It says advanced, but it’s more of an intermediate podcast. The lessons are fairly short, so hopefully they aren’t too overwhelming… Login - LingQ

Well I watched Japanese the Japaneses don’t know on youtube and it is a great show and funny. I remember this fish swimming in the sea is called A, when catched in fishers nets B, as soon as it is on board of fishers ship C, on sale in the Konbini or other markets D, when in your bag E, and cooked it is F or something like that. I mean I don’t even know half of that with all my languages all together. Maybe it comes with some kind of educative material. In another episode they listed all kind of cooking tools, one or two handed, curved or straight, one or two sides edged and so on. I only use 2 tools to cut in my kitchen.

Anyway it is worth watching and transcripts are always welcome. Many animes I watch come with vocabulary useless to me.


I’m interested in transcripts for “Japanese the Japanese don’t know”!

Have you checked the D-Addicts subtitles index?
They used to have videos for download there too, but they stopped doing that. I’m currently reading the Japanese subtitle file for Priceless.

I recommend you repost your request on koohii.

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