... of HIM loving you. (E and/or F)

I’am a member of LingQ since 2007 but I’am passive for several years.
If somebody remembers me…Hello.

I’m looking for an accurate explanation/translation of the following sentence:

“He wants you to live in the continuous experiencing of him loving you.”

We are a non professional translation team and we want to translate a book (eng/french). The author is from New Zealand.

Si tu est de la langue matternelle française:
La traduction proposé: Il désire que vous vivriez l’expérience permanente
(ou: continu) de son amour ardente (ou autre adjectif similaire).

My questions to (native) english speakers:

A challenge for non english mother language speakers is the word:
“experiencing” It seams to be a participle from the adjective: experienced
transformed in a noun (the…experiencing…).
Is it correct?

An other challenge:
“…of HIM loving you.”

loving in front of a noun is an adjective but loving following a noun?
For me it’s like both an adjective and a verb at the same time.

(HIM is in this case the noun and it is a common expression in evangelic churches. HIM stands for God / Father.)

Could somebody help us ( Maybe with a christian background)?
That would be great.

He wants you to live in the continuous EXPERIENCE of him loving you. that’s just my take. Because you can’t have two verbs of which one modifies and the other doesn’t. <–Best way I can describe such a grammar rule without being a linguist or whatever.
ex- I like to play Not I liking playing.