Ocasionally sent a blank conversation report

I just had a group discussion. As all group discussions in Russian tend to turn into 1-on-1 discussion, I am not very skillful with group conversation reports. This time I filled the first page and ocasionally cliicked the “Send” button. Two other pages (for two other paticipants I left blank). After that the conversation disappeared from the list of conversations. So, I can’t edit it.
Is it any way to find this conversation report and edit it?

We will get all conversation reports to appear in the list for you. They should be there today or tomorrow. I’ll let you know.

Mark, I find e-mails of participants and just send them an e-mail where asked someone, who received conversation report to resend it by e-mail to other participants. Perhaps, it will work. They will able to import this text.

Sorry, I didn’t check earlier, but I have just sent the report on by email.

I’ve got it, thanks Rasana and Reinhard!

Mark, I looked into the conversation report before a conversation (michal) and when I closed it the link to the report form was gone. I hope you can restore it. Thank you.

Most recent conversations are back in the list - thank you!

I received it too, thanks!
Btw it was a nice conversation. It was the largest group conversation I had so far and fortunately enough, Skype didn’t let us down.

Yes, we just figured out the problem and fixed it as you were reporting your issue, Reinhard. All conversations for the last 72 hours should be showing properly now and will no longer disappear. :slight_smile: For conversations that occurred prior to that, we will be adding a link to the conversation report from the description that opens up on the Calendar page.

Rasana, you should be able to access that report now also.

Yes, all recent discussions reappeared at my discussion list. But when I click on a discussion with sent report, pop-up window with the “start discussion” button appears. I click on it, a page with a list of students opens. I click on the “report” button and it returns me on the old tutor page (…/tutor) with a message “Report for this conversation was already sent.”

It seems LingQ HQ should think about bonuses for developers when bugfixes they provide, fix all things and not only one aspect… If I provided to my clients such “bugfixes”, as LingQ developers provide, it seems I would be already fired… :stuck_out_tongue:

You should now only be able to open incomplete reports. Completed reports can’t be opened once sent. You will see a “Report Sent” indicator when you open these reports up. We will also be adding a checked tutor icon to the My Conversations list for those conversations for which you have completed a report.