Obama says to Russians "Get out of my house!"

Yeah, Putin is an “adversary”. We know that because the BBC says so.

Meanwhile the Saudi King is an “ally”. And a “customer”…

Make new year parties, not war!

A very good suggestion!

Agreed. My last words here before 2017 are “Jack” and “Daniels”! :smiley:

So basically for every public utility or public service related computer that gets infected with malware we are now going to hear about how Russia “hacked” it. I read that the computer might have picked up the malware on some infected website for all they know. They basically have no way of knowing.

Also, it is well known that the operators of these systems will never fix their vulnerabilities if they are never threatened. In many cases, security holes have to be published online before the software maker will fix the error, which of course puts users at risk all over the world. If nothing else these “hacker attacks” can give the operators and software makers a wake-up call and teach them to design their systems securely and fix security holes quickly. In the end it might not be such a bad thing after all, whoever is doing the hacking. At least now they have every reason to get their sh** together quickly.

Oh and by the way, the “hackers” didn’t get into the main system of the power plant, which perhaps proves that their security is adequate.

The municipally owned electric utility serves about 16000 residential customers and more than 3600 commercial customers.

Prime russkie target there! I sure hope they don’t hack an Indian settlement of 200 people next time. It seems they will attack just about anything. Those bad Russians!

Meh… seriously.

At least better than blaming the Chinese.

Unfortunately I am too busy with many things, including listening and reading in 4 slavic languages to really get into this discussion. I will say the following, however.
In my view, history will judge Obama favourably , with all his faults and excessive caution, as a President who left his country in better shape than he found it, and with his integrity intact. The same cannot be said for his two predecessors.
Trump and Putin are somewhat similar, although Putin is, as Trump says, by far the smarter of the two. Both have narrow visions, appear to be vindictive, and only listen to what they want to hear. Both will fail in their attempts to lead their countries back to an illusory vision of the past.

“…Both will fail in their attempts to lead their countries back to an illusory vision of the past…”

I mean, only time will tell us whether this is true, yes??

How can it be otherwise? All the “smart” pundits lined up to say that it was impossible for Trump to win the election. Right now they are just about wiping the last traces of egg from faces in time for the inauguration. So who knows what will happen?

I am not so sure the US is better off today than it was in 2008, relatively speaking. And even if it was, I am pretty sure that the US was better off in 2009 than 2001 and probably in 2001 more so than 1993. Whether the benefits of Bush and Clinton for America was better or worse than Obama is very much up for debate I think.

The partisan Hackery in this thread is ridiculous.

I consider myself pro Israel but not pro Zionist. I think Israel is overstepping its bounds when it occupying Palestine. The historical maps show how much land Palestine had and now has. I find it difficult to believe Israel nowadays is doing what they’re doing for “self-defense”.

Personally I think the key is Jerusalem. A final deal where Jerusalem (or some of it) is outside of Israel isn’t going to work.

there is no way in hell unlessyour going to risk world war 3 that any deal which allows total control of any side over the temple mount/al asqua mosque is going to work, they are the two holiest sites in two religions

The 11 most important lines from the new intelligence report on Russia’s hacking http://wpo.st/xvAQ2

Donald Trump still isn’t ready to admit Russia was behind the election hacking http://wpo.st/1xAQ2

BBC News - Trump Tweetwatch: ‘I’m a big fan’ of intelligence agencies Trump Tweetwatch: Intelligence agencies taking 'one last shot' - BBC News

I should add that the CIA, with or without specific consent from the president of the US, has been carrying out similar secret maneuvers in order to interfere in politics in foreign countries.
Not to change the subject, but one of my favorite writers, W. Somerset Maugham, was a British agent in the early period of the Russian Revolution.

Yutaka, do you really believe in all this rubbish about the ‘Russian Hackers’ and especially that V/ Putin ordered something to them???
You’ve read mayby too many spy novels.
The Democrates in the USA lost the elections but thet don’t want up to now admitt their loss - and that’s why all this hyateria about the Russioan hackers and some crazy Reppublicans like wounded in Vietnam McCain are always ready to support all such nonsense against Russia!..
It’s impossible now to watch CNN - 24 hours a day they are speaking about the Russian Hackers!..

Here is a clip of the democratic party explaining why they lost the election.

About 53% (= 48% + 5%) of voters do not welcome his presidency. This is a fact even in the period of so-called post-truth politics in the US.

I am a big fan of W. Somerset Maugham and his novel “Ashenden”, but I am not a big fan of the KGB-agent-turned president, who reportedly wishes to have a “friendly” relationship with the president-elect Donald Trump.

The death of a former KGB operative is a reminder of Vladimir Putin’s past life as a spy http://wpo.st/VLBQ2

Trump, Putin, and the Big Hack Trump, Putin, and the Big Hack | The New Yorker via @newyorker

This hacking is a big wake-up call for increased cyber security - no doubt about that.

However I find it hard to imagine that some embarrassing leaked emails swayed the whole election. This was, after all, in the context of campaign where most of the American MSM was relentlessly and aggressively hostile to Trump.

And there were leaked things from his enemies that may have been even more damaging - the p_ssygate tape inter alia.