Number of words in flashcards

I would like ask if it could be possible to choose the number of words in flashcard for being under 25?

Sometimes I think for me it would be better to have a smaller group.
For an older brain or for having less time it would be an advantage.

I know other people wont perhapt to have more than 25 - so I think the best way would be to have a box for choice.


You can tick as few words as you want and then click on the Flashcard button. If you tick all or none you will get all the words on the page. Otherwise, you will only get the words you tick.

it is correct Mark, in this kind it would be working, but if you could write the number 5 or 10 - it would be really faster :slight_smile:

an other point in addition is, when you tick on the words, you can do this only from ONE page

Irene, I agree that typing the number of words we want to use would be faster; however, I’m not really for this choice.
On the vocabulary section, by ticking or not the terms we want to review, we can choose which ones we want to concentrate more at a certain time and they are not always close one to the other in the page. We can work on one page but we can choose this page. We can choose by alphabetic order, date or whatever. There are many possibilities.
When we’re studying a text and want to review the only words saved onto it, we can also ticked them. According to your available time, you can review only half of them or as many as you want.

I see it’s good to share ideas here.
The way you write, Marianne, ticking some of the highlighted words in my studying item (on the WorkDesk) is really good.
Many thanks!