Number of members

If you search friend by native language you get
2759 1511 36119 3345 1907 915 2386 627 8746 2681 4962 396

if do it by target language you get
1155 324 147 248 206 111 124 138 148 185

Since one member could only have one native language but could have more than one target language - I was expected more in the second group than in the first one.

What about a category other as native language ?

I’m pretty sure I have seen member without a target language, or rather English in both fields although they are obviously learning English. That can probably mess up the statistics.

When you search by target language, only active users (activity score > 0) are shown.

Thank you

Hi ! Where can you find these information?

On the community page:

Ah yes !! Thanks !