Number of lingqs

How do I find out how many lingqs I have created for a particular language?

Thanks very much

You’re one of the lucky ones, since the details of your 3 active languages display under your Progress Snapshot (below your avatar) on your home page (profile page).

There has been a bug in the system for at least 2 weeks, so some of us can’t see our details for some of our languages under Progress Snapshot. For example, I cannot see my Chinese known words, lingQs made or learned, hours of listening etc. - only my activity score - and this has dampened my enthusiasm to study Chinese on LingQ somewhat, or to want to increase my combined activity score - because I’m doing it blindly.

Just select from one of the languages you’re studying under Progress Snapshot, eg. Italian, then select from the options such as ‘Today’, ‘Last 7 days’ , ‘Last 3 months’, ‘all time’ etc.
I can see for example, that you have made 190 lingQs in total from ‘all time’ in Italian.

If you want to see the total LingQs you’ve made from all languages studied combined, look on your Accounts page at the top under Your Usage (which also shows how many lessons you’ve imported, if any).

@Julz611 - By the way, we hope to have this issue fixed soon!

@Alex - don’t mind me, I was a cranky old bag this morning:)

Thanks Julz611 - now I see it.