Number of LingQs in the email

I see that there are changes on the profile page.
Now I can choose how many LingQs I want to receive in the email. But I can only choose between 25, 50 or no LingQs. I really liked the 100 LingQs, and I would appreciate to get still 100 LingQs in the future.

Yes, we have made some changes on the Settings page. You can now control which languages you receive LingQs of the Day emails for and you can control the maximum number of LingQs you can be sent. Vera, we will add options for 75, 100, 150 and 200 LingQs.

You can also control which languages to receive a weekly report in. We will be starting to send out automated weekly reports this week.

Wow! Thank you!

The current setting is not taking effect. Maybe that is deliberate, but just to let you know.

Do you mean you are getting more LingQs sent than the limit you have set? Or, that you are getting emails for languages you have turned off?

By the way, the additional options for LingQs of the Day have now been added. You can choose 75, 100, 150 and 200 now.

Sorry. Yesterday I set Japanese for 50, and today I got 65…

ok. We’ll look into it.

I got 80 instead of the preset 50, but as long as I don’t get 200 it’s OK. :slight_smile:

I keep thinking that I am using LingQ differently from other people, yet still seeing results. Are you using this as a kind of SRS? Usually I read/listen, and learn my LingQs the same day or the following one. I mean, once I’ve learned something, I’ve learned it. How do other language learners think about this? I figure if it’s an important word, I’ll see it again. If it’s a word I know I need, I learn it with the express aim of remembering it. I’ll force the grey matter by making a deliberate connection to the word any way I can or I will visualize the word or imagine it being used.

In short, how are you using these e-mailed LingQs. I may be a little, to use the language of my grandparents, ornery, but I really dislike getting tons of e-mail. It really wastes time because I have to delete them.

Your grandparents were too busy hand washing their laundry to be ornery :wink:

Actually, my grandmother had a washing machine. Not as a child, though.

I wanted to throw in “ornery” like you toss in an idiom for the eager to catch.


“MY grandparents…etc”

got 100 Japanese Ls of the Day today . Settings are still at 50 for Japanese.

I receive with every Email about 100 Russian words. Nevertheless I chose only 25. How can I fix that?

The issue with the LingQs of the Day should be fixed in our next update which we hope to make next week. Please be patient until then.

Hi, … By the way, I have not been able to change my picture on my profile … Every time I have tried, I have got an “Internal Server Error” message … has anyone else dealt with this same issue? … thanks …

What browser are you using Humberto? Please make sure your picture is bigger than 120 x 120 pixels and that it has no strange characters in its filename. Otherwise, any other information on the issue would be helpful.