Number of lessons taken decreases

I’m taking care if my lessons are of interest and how often they are taken to get an idea what students like. That helps me to considerate which kind of lessons I should write and record.

Every week I make a statistic of the number of lessons taken. Today something strange happened. The number for 27 lessons was lower than last Saturday. That never happened in the last 2 years.

Probably it has something to do with the latest changes. Please, can you check what happens with the number of “lessons taken” if someone deletes his German slot or deletes his Account? As deleting a language slot is a new feature I guess this could cause this problem.

We’ll take a look into this to see what might be causing these inconsistencies. Thanks for the heads up as always, Vera.

The same happened to me in English, I didn’t check my German, French or Spanish contributions. I think the reason might be students resetting their languages.

This is undoubtedly what has happened. If people dekete a language containing your lessons, these lessons will no longer show up as being in use for these members. Until we come up with a different metric for measuring usage I’m afraid there is not much that can be done about this. We will look at making a change to this statistic.

Does this influence the points that are shared to the providers, or do you calculate the points on a different statistic?

We use the same statistic but just for the past month. It will be affected but is the same for everyone.

What I don’t understand:

If somebody only lurks into a lesson (e.g. by clicking on a link to the lesson here in the forum) - this is already counted as a usage that results in points for a provider. It would be more fair if points would only be given to a provider if a user FINISHES the lesson by clicking on “All LingQs created” or by rating a lesson.

Hape, escpecially free users avoid the “All LingQs created” button. That is something we have experienced earlier.

Better would be if it is counted if at least one LingQ is created or the user have listened to the lesson to the end. But I guess that would be too complicated.

I remember that some years ago the number decreased when someone deleted the lesson from the “My lesson” page instead of archiving them. This resulted in negative “taken lessons” in some months. I think, it’s difficult to find a “fair” solution.

More bothering is that that it doesn’t matter if a lesson is short/long/created and recorded by a member/copy&paste etc. But this issue should not be a topic in THIS thread where I asked for a special matter.

By the way:
As you point out on your profile you use LingQ only as a resource for free text and audio. So you never press “All LingQs created”. Do you really think your suggestion would be more fair for the content provider?

If you buy a book in a bookshop, would it be fair to only pay the author when you finish the book?

Would it be fair to pay the full price if you only want to look into a book in a bookshop?
You compare apples with oranges.

My question was more general in nature. And what’s wrong using LingQ as a resource for free text and audio? If LingQ would open the whole library only for paying members then it would be much quieter here…

Hape, at LingQ you have the possibility to preview the audio of a lesson, just like you’d leaf through a book in a bookshop. If you decide to ‘take the lesson’ (cfr. buy a book), the author gets the allotted points (just like paying for a book to buy it). It doesn’t really matter whether you actually finish the book after buying it, the author should get the money anyway (because you’re always able to get back to this lesson, and finish it later)

@hape: Nothing is wrong using LingQ as a resource. You can use LingQ as a resource for free text and audio only. But you never press “All LingQs created”. That means content providers would earn no points for content that YOU use if LingQ would count content only when “All LingQs created” is pressed.