Number of known words doesn't increase

The word count doesn’t increase when I make words known, could you look into it, please?

Thank you!


Are you sure? Are you making words known directly (blue to white) or changing yellow words status to known? When you refresh the page does the number update properly?

What happens is the known word count in the upper right corner does not increase automatically as you add known words anymore. It does update if you refresh the page (by pressing F5 for example)


I think it increases when you reach the end of the lesson. I’m hoping it does, anyway. :slight_smile: Or just go to the stats page; the updated numbers appear there.

That’s what I noticed, too. I either make them known directly or change the status. Only after refreshing by pressing F5, it works. Sometimes, I can’t just go to the next lesson as it doesn’t react to that.

I’ve noticed this too recently. It looks like it doesn’t update while you’re in the middle of a lesson, but if you refresh the page, it updates to the correct word count.

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I’ve noticed the same here.


(this is to reach 20 characters!)

This might or might not be related, but I had a count of 670 words read, then I read an article with more than 500 words, and it only updated the count to 674 words read. After I refreshed the page, it went up to 680 words read. That can’t be right…

We are investigating the issue. Thanks everyone!

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