NRK Nyheter - Norwegian news import?

Hi Zoran / LingQ Team

Any progress with please (I saw old thread requested by Car2017 last year)… ?

Not sure if technical restrictions with this, but I have been trying (unsuccessfully!) to import video and the subtitles from some of the recent news programs … e.g

(Error: Importing failed - u’entries’)

Any advice or assistance greatly appreciated,
Many thanks, Frank


I’m not sure what the status on the fix to the importer is, but when I want to import subtitles from NRK what I need to do is this:

  • Open the debuging console of my browser (Firefox).
  • Go to Network
  • Begin playing the video
  • Turn on subtitles (assuming they weren’t already playing – if they were I will cycle them off and on)
  • Search the network log for a subtitle file (e.g. .vtt, .srt)
  • Double click the subtitle file and Save As it to somewhere on my desktop.
  • Import as an e-book

It’s obviously not ideal, but it “works”.

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Hi noxialisrex

Fantastic … a very clear explanation, and much appreciated … :slight_smile:

Yes, it certainly does work. I have successfully managed to extract the sub-titles from VTT data. That’s a great help for sure, I pasted to excel and filtered out the timestamps and unwanted data, and have imported text only to LingQ as a lesson now.

It is a bit time consuming, but a great workaround until hopefully we hear something back from the LingQ team if there is possibly any alternative easier import solution that could be implemented.

Tusen takk!
Med vennlig hilsen, Frank

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You can use this site for that:

Choose txt instead of srt so you don’t have to deal with timestamps. Much faster.

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Hi Janoska
Thanks for your advice.

Not sure if you have had any issues so far, and appreciate your helpful feedback, but I tried that just now and my Norton antivirus ‘blocked an intrusion attempt’ on my laptop and classified that as a ‘malicious site’, Wasn’t sure if this was just trying to download the result of the script maybe - BUT the link redirected to another site …

Malicious Site Blocked!
You attempted to access:
This webpage is a known malicious webpage. It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit this page.

Thanks, Frank

I’ve been using it for a while and haven’t had any issues. It is an ad heavy site but I use adblocker.

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Hi Janoska

Yes, prob just a malicious ad there … No problem, thanks again :slight_smile:

Br, Frank

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You can actually import them just as an e-book and LingQ will remove the timestamps. If you want to add them to an existing course change the title of the document to your course name and it will add to the bottom. Unfortunately they will be named “Subtitles(#)”, but again it “works”.

I have also done what you did and removed them in Excel or Notepad(++) and that works well too.

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What VPN do you use to watch the shows on NRK? A while back I bought a VPN subscription so I could use their site, but it still didn’t work. :frowning:

Hi Mark

I almost bought some vpn sw before I realised my Norton 360 uses vpn to secure wifi connection and although auto-select is GB, but you can easily dummy/fake that to almost any other country including Norway. However it seems NRK site still recognises it as a vpn (even with vpn end-point as Norway) and blocks access to most of their site.

However, most but not all the news, e.g. typically from ‘yesterday’ (i-går) can still be accessed, and I’ve delved through some of the series and the current ones are all blocked but the ‘archive’ versions of some series are definitely easily accessible with normal connectivity.

Also I have noticed that sometimes when I can access a video ok, but then after about half hour or so, the NRK webpage seems to recognise I’m on vpn or ‘not in Norway’, so the link /page will time out and come up with the usual notification - not allowed! even though I’ve watched the whole half hour news video already. So I close browser and connect again to get round it and it seems to work ok for me.

Thanks, br, Frank

If you know how to use the command line there’s a tool called yt-dlp that works with You can download the subs and audio for a whole season of a show at once with one command.