Now Everyone Can Tutor!

We just pushed some significant updates to LingQ. We hope you like them!
Everyone can tutor

Now, all members can correct writing and tutor other members over Skype. What’s more, you can earn points from tutoring which you can then use to pay for tutoring in your target language. We think this will be a great way for all LingQ members to help each other and make the learning process more interactive and fun.

Just go to the Write page and indicate which language you want to correct. Other members can then find you and submit their writing for correction. You will be able to correct their writing using LingQ’s unique writing correction tools which enable you to send a Writing Report which your “student” can import back into the system.

You can also host conversations by going to the Speak page and indicating which language or languages you would like to tutor. Then, use our scheduling system to input available 1 on 1 conversation times or to create group conversations. After your conversation, send your student a conversation report which they can easily import into LingQ.

Give tutoring a try today! You can do as much or as little as you like.

New membership restrictions

We have made some changes to our membership levels:

The LingQ limit for Free members has now been reduced from 300 to 100.
Imported content will now be restricted for Free members. You will no longer be able to import audio files or image files. You will also be restricted to 5 imported lessons in your account.
Personal tutoring is no longer offered as part of Plus or Premium membership

Import and export lists

We have added the much requested feature which allows the importing and exporting of vocabulary lists on LingQ. You will be able to export any list from your Vocabulary page as a csv file which you can then use with many third party flashcard applications. As well, you can import vocab lists you create elsewhere. Who knows?! Maybe someday you’ll be sharing lists with other members for the same lessons.

wow! that is fantastic! I noticed that LingQ was not responding, but I’m glad to hear that it was due to updates!

There are some problems, We are working on them. It worked find on the Quality Assurance server but as always the main server has surprises. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

“Personal tutoring is no longer offered as part of Plus or Premium membership.”
I would appreciate it very much if you could tell me what “personal tutoring” means.

I’m just as curious as Yutaka.

Learners used to have the opportunity to select a personal tutor. Because many learners study more than one language this caused us many problems. In fact there was no special function attached to this other than that the personal tutor followed the progress of his or her learner. This kind of relationship can still be established and maintained, and should be.

I do like the updates, very good for linq.

I just don’t have credit, or debit, or a Job.
I’m 18 I should have these things, I’m just… a bit behind, in financial knowledge, and in working experience.
But after these obstacles are overcome, I will most certainly pay.
I would have before, just because this site is amazing.