Now accepting writing in Japanese and Chinese

Due to difficulties in calculating word counts, we haven’t been accepting writing submissions for Asian languages. However, due to popular demand we have decided to accept writing in Chinese and Japanese anyway! We are going to try accepting it with a token cost of 3 points and then calculating the true cost after the fact which will be charged to the member’s account later. We are going to charge 1 point per character for these languages and we will see how it goes. This is definitely an experimental service, especially the charging part, but the quality of the corrections should be excellent.

Another improvement that we have implemented based on memberd requests is the addition of separate settings for the Native Language and the Dictionary Language. This means that you can now see the interface in one language (Native Language) and receive translations in another language (Dictionary Language). You will find these controls on the Settings page. Many of you have also reported strange things happening with the translations on the site. No, this wasn’t a bonus feature of the site to test your knowledge in all languages! :slight_smile: It was a bug and we are happy to say that we have fixed it.

thank you for getting something set up. I guess I will test the system and see how well it works!


Mark, I tried it out today and I am really happy with the results and the great check I got. But there is a little bug. I wrote about 470 characters… but I was only charged a total of 77 points. Having worked as a professional copyeditor, and doing it from time to time now, i know the value of being paid appropriately for the job.

I just thought i would let you know… and with the quality of review I got, I would be willing to give more points to pay the fair cost for the work.

I look forward to using this quite often from now on!

Thank you for your feedback.

Unfortunately, the system will charge you a strange number of points every time you submit writing in Japanese or Chinese and we will have to manually add these points back to your account. We will then manually deduct the correct number of points. I have already done that for you.

I’m pleased that you found your corrections helpful!