Novels in French that can be loaded into Lingq

Does anyone know where I can find these? I read L’etranger and I would like to read others. Older novels are of less interest than contemporary ones, but the only contemporary ones I can find are some format that doesn’t work with Lingq.

Please let me know, thanks.


I actually spent a long (and very frustrating) time last night looking for books/novels in my target language. I didn’t have much luck, but I did find this website with many books in many languages, including 50+ in French.

I’m not sure if they would work on LingQ, but they are online text, so you could copy and paste sections to work on if the download option doesn’t work on your computer.

I haven’t looked too far into it, I’m guessing it is mainly older novels, but it’s worth a shot to take a look at. I hope this was of some help to you :slight_smile:
***EDIT:I took a look at the French book list. There are tons available! Including some I’ve read/ started and really enjoyed. You’ve got a good list on your hands there.

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To convert a book:

If you have them in some ebook format like fb2, epub, mobi etc., you can use Calibre ( to convert them to text.

If you have them in PDF, you can try to save them as text (File → Save As… and select format Text (*.txt)). Usually you will have to clear created text from headers, footer, page numbers etc.

If you have them in protected file (like protected PDF or some proprietary format which can be opened only by dedicated application), you can use some OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program which can read screen and convert it to text.

Thanks for all the advice. I am now using calbre, and I’m sure I will download books from Guttenberg. Next question: Does anyone know a good source for French books, that have both text and audio files?

@Bobpen "Does anyone know a good source for French books, that have both text and audio files?

The LingQ library contains novels by Daudet, Verne and Hugo. Another online source that I made extensive use of is

All the readers for litterature audio are “amateurs” whose voice quality ranges from professional to, um, not professional. I personally recommend Monique Vincens, Bernard and Pomme.

Two other online sources that look promising are: (Download the mp3 from the site and look for “Source” to find the text.)

I get audio books from here:

The readers are all volunteers, so they vary in quality. There are some really great readers though, and all of the tons of books to listen to are free.