How can I turn off notifications? When I select the red flag, there is an empty window, even though there is a number on the flag. No matter where I go or what I do, next time I log in that big red flag with a number appears again.

@Wulfgar - hi, please refresh the page (Ctrl +F5), so the flag will show the right number of unread notifications.

Still getting the meaningless red flag with imaginary notices. It says 12 now. I click it, and a blank window shows up. I refresh the screen, and the number goes to 0. Is there a way to just keep this flag from showing up? I can ignore it, of course, but it’s a little distracting.

@Wulfgar - just to get a bit more detail, does it happen all the time? I mean you are not able to see your new notifications and when clicking, it is always a blank window? Or, if it happens time to time, the reason may be that you switch between browser tabs and the number sometimes is not updated in a new opened tab: you have already saw those notifications but it shows them as new. That is why when you refresh the page, the number if new notifications is 0. We will keep in mind this issue.

It has happened every single time after the first day I saw it. On that day, I did something to clear the window (I don’t remember what, but it was done within the window itself) because I wanted the red flag to go away. Ever since then, the window has been clear, regardless of the number on the flag. For example, it’s up to 5 again today. I’m running Safari 10.7.5

It happens to me quite oftenthat the notification flag is red and tells me that there are new messages, but there is nothing new. Only the messages I’ve read before.

I see… sometimes it happens to me too. It seems to be an issue with synchronizing when switching between pages. It is in our list. Although It is not a top priority now as we are working on some other important things, we are keeping this in mind. Thanks for the feedback!

Since it’s not working, can you just disable it for the time being? Or are we the exception?

@Wulfgar - it is working but there is some synchronizing issue. We can’t just disable it. Many and many our members are using notifications to stay up to date with all their updates. We will look into it to make sure that it is working properly.

Also, when you get a real new notification, make sure it is shown as already read after you read it (it should change from gray to white). You can also remove your older notifications from the list. In this case, it should be working better.

As I said before, I get no list, just a blank window.