Hi there, I have a message, I know because i can read the start of the message in notifications but I cant get into the message itself, can you possibly tell me how to do this? Thanks, its a private message

@Tuquiero - You should be able to click the “Respond” button to go straight to the message. Let us know if you have any other questions about this!

Hi Alex

I have tried clicking respond but I only see my original message?

@Tuquiero - Ah, you’ll just need to click the “Comment” link at the bottom left of the post, then it will show the comments for this post. In the future we may display comments by default here, but in the short term they were taking up a lot of space on the Exchange and on the profile so we decided to only show them when this link is clicked.

Thanks Alex, that worked perfect!

I noticed a few minutes ago that the number of notifications when I logged in was wrong. It said I had 4, but when I clicked on it, I only appeared to have 2 new notifications.

@ColinJohnstone - it seems that some of the older notifications are shown up. Would you try to refresh the page? It should show the right number now.