Notifications not coming through on email

Nothing major, but it seems emails are not going out about notifications which appear in red at the top of the page.

I had three messages shown on here, 2 of them about ten and a half hours ago and the other one the LingQs of the day from about eight and a half hours ago. None showed up as emails.

(No, I have not fiddled with my settings recently.)

P.S. The notifications of new entries in forum threads I follow aren´t coming through either. Unhappily, yours…

Ah, yes. It looks like you may have marked an email as spam, which then triggered our email provider to unsubscribe you. It takes this approach, as it assumes that someone who marks an email as spam no longer wants to receive emails from us, and instead of continuing to send emails until the audience member unsubscribes, it takes the safer approach and unsubscribes you automatically.

I’ve now resubscribed you, and might recommend that you unsubscribe from the “Newsletter” list, as this is the list that the email you marked as spam belonged to.

Anyone “unknown” gets turned into spam!! The only ‘unknown’ LingQer I can think of is Lykke. I’ll unspam her immediately should I find her in the spammy box where she clearly does not belong. Thanks for the prompt explanation!

Sounds good :slight_smile: That must have been it! If you notice this again just send me an email and I’ll get this quickly sorted out again.