Notifications - Meaningless total in Red Box for me and no scrollbar in window of the open Notification window

Is it possible to have a limitation placed on the number of notifications tracked in this box or just remove the running total in the box? (red box at top of main window.) For me this number is meaningless. The number of new words that I am learning is a better number to track–in my opinion–and the list that I want to review continually.

One scrolls notifications by using the scroll wheel on the mouse or the page up and page down button but there is no scrollbar. Is this by design??

Agreed, the notifications for every 50 lingqs is pretty annoying and not particularly useful. I’d rather be notified only for messages, roses, etc.

Also, I have 9 notifications (for 50 lings) that just won’t go away. I’ve tried deleting them, using different browsers to log in, etc. Those 9 notificaitons are the most annoying thing about lingQ for me right now (there used to be other ones, but they seem to slowly be fixed).

yeah, plain annoying dummy stuff.

You should check your settings.

We’re not talking about email notifications, Veral.

Irrelevant smart ass advice simply adds to the annoyance.

I guess the notifications for “50 LingQs” are the same like the email notification. At least it seems to be the case for my languages.

@all - Thanks, we’ll look at getting this fixed so that it zeroes the counter each time you click on the notifications menu, even if the unread notifications are on the second “page”.