Notifications can no longer be deleted?

Hi there,

for a couple of months I’ve only been on here sporadically and this will continue for another six weeks.
Whenever I find the time I work through my notifications from the bottom up and delete those I worked through. That’s because either all are unread or all are read and there’s no other way to distinguish them.
Coming back today after having been off for a while I find I can’t delete notifications any longer. I’ve tried using Chrome, Firefox and Safari - with and without deleting the cache first.

It’s just a minor annoyance just now but … any ideas?


Hi Deahna,
That’s right, delete notifications option is not available for now. We’ll probably bring that option back again.

Thanks for letting me know.

Is there actually any logical reason for denying users to delete their own notifications (like spam messages, Daily LingQs) or is it a glitch-turned-feature?!???

It’s actually an issue that showed up after we moved on new servers, but since we are currently focusing on more serious bugs, we’ll get this notiications issue fixed in new version of LingQ. Sorry about that.

Oh well, these things happen… and as it’s only a minor annoyance I’ll wait patiently. More or less.

Hi Deahna,
Just an update about the issue with “X” on notifications.
That is actually a bug and “X” is not visible for some reason, but if you click with your mouse on top right corner of a notification (where X was earlier) it will be deleted.

Works! :-)))

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