Hi @all:
I get a error message when I click on Notification. For repeat my Daily Lingq’s:

Invalid input parameters:

    Select a valid choice. 2014-02-02 is not one of the available choices.

Does anybody know this problem?


@aebi89 - Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this! Are you able to click the “Flashcards” button from the email that is sent, or is this not working either?

Also, please copy the URL of the page that is showing this error. It should look something like this:

Hi Alex,
Thank you very much for your response.
Now it works, I have register me for the daily e-mail Lingq’s.

Another question, for how long saves the SRS Lingq’s? I have always the SRS from Dezember in my list??


@aebi89 - LingQs are selected for SRS review based on the following schedule: Status 1 - 1 day, Status 2 - 3 days, Status 3 - 1 week, Status 4 - 2 weeks, then 1 month, then 3 months.