Notes/translation tab in ilingq

My idea…
Let’s add a notes/translation tab in ilingq, wherein you can paste or type in notes for the lesson your studying. Let’s make sure that you still have audio functions while on the notes tab ie play, pause, rewind 10 seconds etc. This way we can paste a full translation of the lesson, rather than clicking one word at a time whose definition by itself is wrong in the context of the whole sentence or as i had just mentioned in a previous thread…

"I wish we could put english in the text! It would make it so much easier to have a sentence by sentence translation. It would make ilingq easier to use as well. I wish there was a way we could use a symbol like {the words in side here will automatically be ignored}. Any chance of this happening? "

We do have both a notes section and a translation section. You can download the sound to your MP3 player and listen while reading the translation. I wonder if it is worth adding a sound bar to the translation page.

Remember that not all learners are English speakers, and for many, the dictionary translation to their own language is more relevant than a full translation in English.

I am quite content plowing through Czech, a new language for me, leaving a few parts a little hazy, and accepting a few words where the dictionary definition is wrong, and just letting the language flow over me. I can come back later and pick up the pieces. We do not need to ace, or fully understand, let alone retain, what we are listening to and reading. At least that is my approach.

What do others think?

Hi Richard, you can see an example for a lesson with notes and translation in the German library:

The Problem is that at the moment there are only a few lessons with notes and translations. And there is no way to select such lessons in the library search. I’m waiting for this feature :slight_smile:

I’m forgetting how that works. Is it only the person who creates the lesson can add the translation?\

Editors for a language can do that as well.

@rjtrudel - The idea to add a Notes tab to iLingQ is an interesting one. We have no immediate plans to make changes to the app but if we do add any notes/resources, they would probably be the ones from the website. Thanks for the feedback!

@Vera - The only way to search for Notes and Translations now is on the Friends page by clicking to see all recently uploaded videos, translations, scripts or notes. We will see if we can add a way of doing this in the Library in the future.

@Mark: Notes are not shown at the moment. Or have you done changes since last week?

@Mark …and exercises too?

@Vera, pinkdaisy - Sorry, I thought those had been added already. They will be soon.

@Mark: Problem is you’ll not see the notes that I’ve just added. Another problem is that you only see it if people share their activities. I hope you add this to the library search.