"Not to change the subject."

Is this phrase used to change the subject? Have you used this to change the subject?

"If the conversation has suddenly gone silent, you can just go ahead and ask a completely different question. Lulls, or pauses, in conversation, happen when you’ve completely exhausted a topic, and signal that it’s time to talk about something different.
Here are some phrases you can use:

Completely changing the subject….
This has nothing to do with what we were talking about, but….
Not to change the subject, but (and change the subject).
Changing gears a little bit…
Totally unrelated…"

How to Change the Subject or Conversation Topic in English

Really interesting topic, thank you

I usually use this phrase when I don’t want to completely change the topic of discussion but want to add a little side point outside of it, then return to the topic at hand.
However, I think many people also use it to mean “Sorry to change the subject but…”

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