Not really a problem

I just have a suggestion. Maybe on your list of things to do you could include making it possible to choose which language you receive daily lingqs for. I really get overwhelmed easily, and can only do one at a time.

Thanks. That is on our list.

Speaking of daily lingqs, for some reason I do not receive them in my email. I have the boxed checked to receive them, but no lingqs ???

Your LingQs of the Day are review emails sent out containing LingQs you are learning. They are sent out on a specified schedule 1 day after being created, 3 days after that, 7 days after that, 15 days after and 30 days after that. (…or something like that). At any rate, you haven’t created any LingQs for a while so you are not going to get daily LingQs most days. Start creating LingQs and the emails will start again.

Mark, I have never received those e-mail Lingqs. It hasn’t been that long since I have created Lingqs. While I do not do it every day, or even weekly, I would think the reminders would be coming for those learned previously. Thanks, Tim

It’d also be useful if you’d be able to add more than one word to one tag at the same time.

Tim, if you save LingQs one day, you should get your LingQs of the Day email the next day for sure. If you are not getting them, you may want to check your spam folder. I assume your email address in the system is correct and that you are getting forum updates sent, or are you not? I haven’t heard from anyone else that they are simply not getting these emails so it’s likely something at your end. Let me know what you find.

Batch tagging would be nice. We’ll have it someday. :slight_smile:

Editing (creating, modifying and deleting) tags for entire groups or words would be really nice. :slight_smile:
The same for LingQs, I would love to be able to edit a bunch of LingQs at the same time, in a spreadsheet-like interface…

I am not sure what has happened but there was not one letter from Lingq regarding my Lingqs, only a few support related letters. It did not go into the junk mail as I check that also on a regular basis. I have since changed the previous email with a new one. That should eliminate any problem. Thanks, Tim

That may help but you need to create some LingQs to test it out! :slight_smile: Try and meet your LingQ creation targets on your Profile page. You’ll receive plenty of LingQs then!