Not increasing my known words

I’m reading a book that I’ve imported into LingQ. It’s been automatically divided into parts. When I open each part, I see the yellow words that represent LingQs I’m working on, but nothing is marked in blue, even though many of them are words I’ve never seen before. I’ve been assuming that when I finish a part, all the words that I haven’t turned yellow will be incorporated into my known word list, but this isn’t happening.

Things were slightly different with the part I just finished reading. About two-thirds into the part, words started appearing in blue., some of which I turned yellow, but most of which I left blue. When I finished the part, I expected these words to be added to my known words list, but they were not. This now means that through my reading of this book I know at least 200 words that haven’t been added to my list. Of course, I want to know why this is happening and what can be done to make it stop. It’s very discouraging to have your known words list stay the same even when you’re learning words! Thanks for your help.

Did you have a look at “options” which you can activate / desactivate? Click on the gear in the upper right corner. E.g. there is an option “Paging turns words into known”.

Thanks again for your help, Benscheeings, but this isn’t the problem. It seems to be the case that with this particular book for about the first 8000 words, no word were being marked as blue so when I turned the page (I have it set for all blue words turn to known when i turn), nothing happened.

That’s very strange. Can you please post a link to that course here or send us a course link via email to support(at) so that we can take a look at try to reproduce the issue? Thanks!