Not in a million year, not a chance

I just learned some phrases these days and found they are quite similar.
They are: not in a million year, not a chance, a slim chance and it’s a long shot.
Are they similar but not exactly the same, or?

Thank you!!!

The first two (“not in a million years” and “not a chance”) have the same meaning: that the event will never happen.

The second two (‘slim chance’ and “it’s a long shot”) are similar. They both mean that something is possible, but very unlikely. Of the two, I would consider “slim chance” to be a more extreme phrase (meaning less likely) than “it’s a long shot”

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not in a million years = not a chance = impossible

These describe a zero probability of something happening.

a slim chance = a long shot = maybe it’ll happen but the odds are against it.

These phrases describe something this possible, but just not likely.

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